Online communication tools

As online communication, travel communities, and social networking keep changing the ways in which destinations are researched, perceived and marketed, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the value of utilising these tools and channels effectively.

We can help you plan, create, and implement online communication strategies and equip you with the power of actively using social media to reach your market.

Some of these include:

Tourism BlogsBlogs

Blogs are excellent tools for providing valuable and descriptiveinformation. Especially larger quantities of information that can’t be consumed through the fast-paced feeds of other social media channels. Blogs are also the perfect environments to build loyal online travel communities, get visitor feedback, source user-generated content, and run real-time marketing campaigns.

We can help with

  • Blog design and customisation
  • Setup
  • Blog traffic monitoring


Twitter for Tourism DestinationsTwitter

If you are looking to distribute interesting or valuable information about your destination to a massive, targeted audience, Twitter should be your tool of choice.

We can help with

  • Profile setup and design
  • Communication engagement
  • Effective integration of Twitter into your website


Facebook for Tourism DestinationsFacebook

Some global brands are replacing their websites with Facebook pages altogether. When looking at its user base, advertising opportunities, user-involvement and communication abilities, this comes as no surprise. With users’ability to share media and stay connected via mobile devices, this platform has become extremely powerful in the tourism industry and should not be overlooked by destinations.

We can help with

  • Setup and account creation
  • Design and Development of custom Facebook pages
  • Application development


Flickr for Tourism DestinationsFlickr

Flickr.com is an online photo sharing community providing millions of users to upload, share and discuss their photographs.

We can help with

  • Profile Creation
  • Photostream Management


Email Marketing for Tourism DestinationsEmail Marketing

When used effectively, email marketing is one of the most effective and measurable electronic communication tools available.

We can help with

  • Email template design and branding
  • Mail list setup and management
  • Campaign success monitoring

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